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So if you already had heard on the front page, my name is Wesley Borgmans I am 33 years old and live in Belgium, Antwerp .I am currently working as a junior Ground operator, in my free time I like sports, I like going to the gym I try at least 2 times a week 😉, like swimming and enjoy the sauna to keep fit and healthy. But by always working hard and constantly yourself to tinker, it is also important for your mental health to be held on a monthly basis by arrow to go to the massage and practice meditation.My experience has proven in the past that I as more people focus can hold and I can feel happier on track to achieve my goals.

However, what is the purpose of this website or blog? For me it is to pass on my passion and knowledge with like minded people. I love it to share my opinion and experience on internet marketing, like setting up a wordpress website, doing SEO, PPV and Video Marketing,Social Media and a lot of other marketing methods.

Its still my passion for over 5 years now, where i see a lot and learning with ups and downs. So i am still learning things on my way, from other people, when i am reading blogs, or listen are searching in Youtube and Google. The intention is to place quality content here, by referring to intresting articles or blogs.I will show you how i doing things and avoid the mistakes i have been making in the past. Because somethimes its hard to find it on your own, so i would like to be your guide in the wild nature of the net.

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Wesley Borgmans 

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